Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aging Gracefully???!!!!!!!

Now that the political situation has been resolved, the real purpose of this blog needs to come forth. Before anyone shouts, the political situation has not been resolved, I know that arena is very much alive and mutating before our eyes. However, new people are in place, so let's step back and let them give it a try.

No doubt you have heard the phrase, growing old gracefully. What a contradiction in terms, kinda like CIA or NSA. These are mutually exclusive. But let's try to pin down what 'growing old gracefully' means. Does it refer to being more graceful as you grow old as in, like a ballerina?? I wasn't that graceful before the two hip replacements and the new right wrist. How can I possibly be more graceful with metal parts? Does it mean graceful as in being more accepting of what is happening to you, not complaining, etc.? Pulllleeeeezzzeeee, at this point in my life, complaining about my aches and pains is the highlight of the day. Also it provides me with a perfect excuse to imbibe in my favorite beverage, wine and more wine.

Perhaps it means to be more pleasant of nature and countenance....... Wrong again. I didn't exactly have the most pleasant demeanour when in my prime, and age has done nothing to improve it. In fact, most people expect me to be unreasonable and cranky. On days when I actually am pleasant, people ask me if everything is okay, am I feeling okay.

Growing old gracefully makes as much sense as leaping off a bridge to me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What does Rush want? Does he really want our President to fail? According to the statements carried by the news channels, he does. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, this is after all America and we are all granted free speech. However, when free speech becomes a method of inciting people not to use their common sense and to close their minds to new opportunities and new ways of doing things, it becomes worrysome.

When people refuse to change or even listen to the concept of change, we all lose. This nation was created from change. Change from the oppression of the English kings, change to be allowed to worship and speak without fear of retribution. One of our basic freedoms is to speak our minds without fear of being shot or imprisoned.

There are individuals on both sides that try to use fear to create a state of confusion about what is happening or what is going to happen. They want us to be as afraid as they are of the future. They want to live in the past as long as it is their past. They want the future as long as it is the future they design perpetuating their views and ideals. They are afraid of anything that they didn't design from the ground up and monitored everything along the way. Anyone who doesn't believe as they do is evil and should be avoided.

None of us is pure evil and none of us is perfect.