Friday, May 28, 2010

Never underestimate the power of a nap. Babies and children regularly are encouraged to take naps whether they want them or not. However, when we become adults, sleeping during the day has a negative slant to it. All of a sudden we are lazy, not pulling our weight if we doze off for a few minutes during the day.

Some cultures mandate naps during the day. Some even shut down during the day for an hour or so just for this purpose. Now that I have "retired" I am rediscovering the power of closing my eyes and taking a nap during the day. Naps don't have to be very long in duration; 10 or 15 minutes. Or they can last for an hour or more. The length and timing of the nap is determined by your body.

If we listen to our bodies, they will tell us if something is wrong, if we are working too hard, if we need more exercise or if we need a nap. Naps can be used as an escape mechanism to avoid dealing with something we don't want to. After the nap, you may have a new or fresh approach to the situation that you didn't see before that is better than previous solutions.

Naps are great. Animals are great nap takers. Cats,of course, have napping down to a very fine science but dogs don't do too shabbily in that department either.

Any way, don't rule out a nap for boosting your energy, clearing the mind and just plain relaxing. Naps, truly an under appreciated way to spend time.