Saturday, December 12, 2009

Don't you just long for some good old fashioned common sense? I know I do. What happened to common sense? Did we loose it, has the pollution mutated it out of our bodies?

There was a time, that if it made sense and solved the problem, that was the way it was done. If something wasn't broken, you didn't mess with it. Now people and corporations want to think outside the box. 'What happens if.............?' 'Would it work better if we did...............? For instance, downsizing. Whose bright idea was that? Downsizing can be good, if you are cutting the deadwood, eliminating duplication of effort. But what if you just want to move jobs from one area to another, effectively putting some highly qualified individuals out of work and moving jobs to an area where there are not any highly qualified individuals currently employed.

Okay, you say, how about relocating to the new area. Well that might work for some but not for all.

But I digress. There is no common sense about downsizing. Effective April, (maybe May) 2010, I will be downsized. My job will be moved elsewhere. Why? Don't really know. They claim that they can do it faster, better and cheaper in the home office. I wish them luck, they will have do it without me.