Monday, February 13, 2012

Primary Season Again

Has anyone noticed how negative the primaries have become.  Not just this year, although, this year has, thus far, been pretty bad, but past primaries as well.  I am sorry to say, that the primaries are a reflection of us as a nation.  We love the reality shows because they show people at their worst.  Sabotaging each other, doing and saying whatever will win the game.

Perhaps I am from a different place in time but I remember when primaries and life in general had a sense of respect.  People were taken to task for their policies, not their personal lives.  We had to way our options and were given the facts to do so.  The job applicants, for that is what they are, were asked how they would solve whatever social problems that we were experiencing at the time, not are you going to release your tax returns or did you really ask your wife for an open marriage?  Some may argue that these questions speak to the character of the individual and perhaps they do.

I was raised that if you said you were going to do something, you did it or better have a really good reason why you didn't.  Apparently that does not apply to politicians because they say one thing and proceed to do just the opposite or tell us we misunderstood them.  I am very concerned about the current group of job applicants for the highest office in our country, The President of the United States of America.  The incumbent has to overcome a lack of confidence in his abilities.  The challengers have yet to prove that they can do anything other than attack each other.  I have heard no clear plan of attack for solving unemployment except for different versions of the old 'trickle down' theory.  I have not heard anything except cutting spending to resolve the budget problems.  I have heard nothing at all about illegal immigration.  Of course, if our economy continues to stumble, that may resolve itself.  No one will want to come here, legally or illegally.

I fear for our country because the very people who helped build and sustain it are the ones being ignored and trod upon by the very individuals supposedly elected to be our voices.