Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Beginnings

Change has truly started. Of course today is filled with the ceremonial trappings that hearld any monumental change. Tomorrow the real work will begin. Each has a new beginning. Our new president has his work cut out for him, fine line to walk, change to implement. The old president will return to private life but with a new twist. He will never again be just a private citizen, he will forever be linked to those moments that shaped his presidency.

Everyone involved has been forever touched, forever changed. Not only those in the forefront but those behind the scenes and those who are on the sidelines watching.

Change and new beginnings go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other. How we embrace them gives insight to our character and ability to continue moving forward as opposed to remaining stagnant in the past.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not Politics

Ah the calm before the storm. Yes, you say, the ingauration is Tuesday and this truly is the last calm weekend before the change begins.

No not a political calm, a football calm. Tomorrow the AFC and the NFC champs will be determined. Then with a frenzy matched only by March madness the hipe and trash talking will begin. This is a particularly interesting time for me. My beloved Baltimore Ravens are just one win away from being AFC champs. We only have to beat the dreaded Pittsburgh Steelers. No love lost between these two titans of the AFC. Ranked 1 and 2 in their division and ranked 1 and 2 in defense, this will prove to be a very physical game. Can a team with a rookie quarterback and a rookie coach make it to the Super Bowl? I hope so.

As a transplanted Marylander, I have tried to support the North Carolina teams, both professional and collegiate. However, when a team from my home state is playing, my true loyalties show through.

So I will be glued to the TV tomorrow afternoon in anticipation of seeing history continuing to be made with a rookie quarterback winning the division playoffs and going to the Super Bowl.

No common sense here, just unabased pride in my home town team.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The new president hasn't even been sworn in and already people are questioning his thoughts and views. This is to be expected. However, my concern is that he won't be given a chance. The time for change has arrived and whether we agree or not, it is going to happen. Will things get any better, I hope so. But they will get worse before that happens. We can't wipe away the years of neglect, distrust and corruption in a few year yet alone a few days.

I am concerned that the first $350 billion was distributed without oversight, without accountability. It hasn't been used for its intended purpose and things have not improved for anyone other than the banks that received the funds.

We need a return to common sense. We need to rethink the various trickle down theories that have been floated every few years. The premise was good however, human nature being what it is, the implementation fell short of accomplishing the intended purpose. Jobs must be created, not sent overseas. Our infrastruction is falling apart, not a winter goes by without a city suffering a major water main break because they are older than most of us. Our police and firemen need upgraded equipment. Our schools have not kept pace with the changing needs of our students. Bridges are crumbling right under our wheels.

All of these projects were put on hold in order to offer incentives to businesses to relocate or to fund some pet project. As a nation, we cannot thrive unless our foundation is sound. We have long ignored it and now we are paying the price for that neglect.

It will not be easy and it won't be cheap but it must be done. We will all have to pull together as Americans do and get it done. We are a nation of doers not complainers. When the going got tough, Americans have pulled themselves up by their boot straps and getting things done.

We must do so again.