Sunday, August 23, 2009


Have we all lost our collective minds???? Everyone agrees that the current health care system is flawed. We all know that special interest groups are doing everything to keep the status quo. But to resort to wearing guns, screaming matches in which nothing is heard or discussed. Come on. We currently have a federally run medical program, Medicare. My mother is covered under this plan along with retiree medical coverage from my father's place of employment. However, Medicare is her primary coverage. Over the last year she has had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her bladder and a visit to the emergency room for 8 stitches in her head when she fell at home. She saw her own physician, was treated at the hospital nearest her home and has received excellent care.

Is Medicare perfect? Of course not. But right now it is better than some of the private insurance plans offered by employers.

Some of the problem is the fact that alot of people without insurance go to the emergency room for routine medical care. Emergency rooms are more expensive to run and therefore the bills are higher because they are to be used for emergencies. In many cases these individuals are seen but cannot pay so the cost is passed on to the paying public through higher fees which are paid by the insurance companies which in turn pass the increase on to the employers or to the taxpayers.

A Medicare -like plan for everyone as an option to those already in existence may be the answer if people would just stop and think for themselves instead of being lead around like so many sheep to slaughter. It would also be used as a last resort when no other insurance can be purchased.

Our enemies will not have to attack us from without; we are destroying ourselves from within.