Friday, March 25, 2011

Protector of the World????

When did the USA become the world's protector? Every time problems arise that require military action, the USA is expected to run point, take the losses, carry the expense and then receive the brunt of the backlash from home and abroad.

Too many times we have flexed our military muscle in an attempt to sway points of view. Now it has become expected that we will use it all the time. We are being asked to use our military again in Libya at a time when we are already engaged in Iran and Afghanistan. A comment was made on the news this morning that while NATO was taking over the lead on the 'no-fly zone', there were some things that only America could do. Why is that?

In areas that directly affect the safety of the world, of course, America should help in any way possible. In Libya the ruler is attacking his own people, for humanitarian purposes we need to assist. However, we should not be taking the lead and we should be looking to Libya's neighbors to exert force, either military or economic, to resolve the problem. They have the most to gain or loose in this situation.

We can no longer protect the world, when we are not capable of protecting our own borders from smugglers and illegal entrants. While I strongly believe in a strong military and feel that we need to continue to provide our military men and women with the best possible equipment. We also need to keep ourselves safe at home.

Ideally I would like to see only token American forces anywhere outside of the 50 states. We can no longer keep large forces outside our country because our own economy cannot support it. If other countries want a large American presence in their country, then they can help us support that presence. Otherwise, we bring them home.

Lastly our involvement in the Middle East has become the Viet Nam of the 21st century. As in Viet Nam there were no winners only losses. In the Middle East we are engaging in the same type of war and expecting a different result. There is nothing to win there, we cannot remove the terrorist groups responsible for 9/11 because to the people in the region, they are not terrorists.