Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today's subject, little ones, is greed. Greed, is the belief that you can never have too much. Too much money, too much stuff, too much of anything. The fear that someone else has something bigger, better, more than what you have.

At what point does the need to have something better cross the line to the NEED TO HAVE MORE? I am not sure. Perhaps it is when the acquiring is more important than the item you're acquiring. Perhaps it is when you out grow your home because you have stuff everywhere but nothing that you really use.

Greed on a personal level is embarrassing. Greed on a corporate level could be criminal. Greed in our government, at any level, is frightening.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taken for Granted

Those of us who were born in this great country tend to take things for granted. We have freedoms that people in some areas of the world don't even know exist.

We celebrate several important days during the year. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Yet some days are just reflected on the calendar that hangs on the wall; D-Day, Flag Day, December 7, September 11. Each of these days mark a milestone in the history of this nation. D-Day, the 6th of June has been immortalized in movies but just how many people really acknowledge the importance of this day in history. Europe celebrates this day because it marked the beginning of the end of the war in Europe. A war that set the course for the world as we know it today. The last war that had a clear cut cause and victory was achieved. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East are wars without end, without a clear cut victory. But in America D-Day, other than a mention in the newspapers goes by almost unnoticed. Yet America played a major part in that day.

December 7 was supposed to be "the day that will live in infamy". Yet the day that brought America into the war also goes by unnoticed; unless you happen to be in Hawaii.

September 11, coming up on 8 years in the past, has faded in remembrances, unless you happen to be in Washington, DC around the Pentagon, NYC or a field in Pennsylvania.

Perhaps it is the horrific nature of these days that forces us to try to forget them. But we must remember them. They are a part of us, of who we have become. Good and bad things have come about because of each of these days.

Flag day is a celebration of the American Flag, a symbol of our nation. Yet we ignore it. Why? Is it because we can't use it to advertise sales at the local mall? Maybe, we shouldn't trivialize our national symbol.

Yes we take much for granted in this nation. Perhaps we should thank God every night in our prayers for what we have, lest it be taken away.