Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We fear what we do not understand and we try to destroy what we fear. 

As children we have no fear; we laugh and play with abandon.  We have to touch, taste everything regardless of the consequences.  As we get older we learn that we shouldn't touch a hot stove because it will burn us.  We learn that some things are not meant to be tasted, we learn not to dart out into the street without looking.  These are important lessons that we need to learn to survive. 

But fearing all people of a different race, religion, ethnic background is not a lesson that is key to our survival as a species.  Fear of a wild animal is good because it keeps us alive.  However, hunting them to the point of extinction is not.  Every living creature has a purpose in the circle of life.  Just because we cannot see it or it interferes with our lives is no reason to condemn an entire species or race or ethnic background to extinction.  An individual I once worked with said that he did not care if he never saw a tiger or if his children ever saw one. 

Only humans feel that they are so superior to all other species that they do not need to care about them.  Some native tribes believed that the Great Spirit lived in everything; the grass, the trees, the wind, the animals, etc.  Something more powerful than man created everything and designed the world around them.

But through the ages we have lost the wisdom of our ancestors and fallen into the trap of believing everything that is printed or shown on television without actually checking the facts.  The acts of a few Islamic militants have created a fear of all Muslims.  The horrific attacks by a few pit bulls or other dog breeds have spawned breed specific legislation to ban these breeds from entire cities or states.  Yet in the case of the pit bulls, german shepherds, rotties and others; it is their irresponsible owners who are actually to blame.

Fear can be a good thing, it can keep us alive and safe.  But allowing blind fear to rule our lives, cloud our judgement and close our minds makes us less than our maker intended us to be.

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